LUIGI VITELLI Elbow Macaroni, 2 units of 16oz ea


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$4.90 pack

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Elbow macaroni is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. While it is most commonly associated with macaroni and cheese, elbow macaroni can also be used to make hearty soups, flavorful pasta salads, and even savory casseroles. When cooked properly, elbow macaroni has a firm texture that can hold up to heavy sauces and bold flavors. Here are a few creative ways to enjoy elbow macaroni at home:

-Macaroni and Cheese: This classic dish is loved by kids and adults alike. For a cheesy flavor, mix elbow macaroni with sharp cheddar cheese and a touch of cream. For a richer dish, use Gruyere or Parmesan cheese. Be sure to add plenty of salt and pepper to taste.

-Pasta Salad: Elbow macaroni is the perfect shape for making a flavorful pasta salad. Toss cooked macaroni with chopped vegetables, Italian dressing, and grated cheese. Add some spice with red pepper flakes or diced pepperoni.

-Soup: Macaroni soup is a comforting wintertime favorite. Simply add cooked elbow macaroni to your favorite broth or tomato soup recipe. Top with shredded cheese and diced vegetables for added flavor and nutrition.

-Casserole: Elbow macaroni is also great for making casseroles. Combine cooked pasta with meat, vegetables, and sauce, then bake until hot and bubbly. Top with shredded cheese for an extra- flavorful dish.