School is here and that means it’s time to start packing lunch boxes! If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, you’ll find a variety of recipes and products to help you prepare the best lunch boxes for your children.

From healthy snacks to delicious main courses, we’ve got you covered. So get started and make sure your kids have something to look forward to at lunchtime!

Lunchbox Recipes your Kids will Love

Cheesy Coleslaw with Pitta Bread

Crunchy, cheesy coleslaw in a pitta makes a change from traditional sandwiches. Try serving with 5 cherry tomatoes and a small box of raisins.

In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise and yogurt. Add the vegetables, cheese and parsley (if using). Mix well.

Carefully split open the pitta bread and fill with the coleslaw.

Creamy Hummus Dip with Pitta Bread and Vegetable Sticks

This creamy dip is fun to eat and makes a change from sandwiches. This works well with a banana and a pot of sugar-free jelly.

Put the chickpeas, lemon juice, yogurt, oil, spices and garlic in a bowl. Make the hummus the previous evening and store in the fridge. As well as saving time, the flavours will have time to develop.

Hummus makes a great after-school snack. If you're using a shop-bought hummus, choose a reduced-fat version.

Egg Mayonnaise and Lettuce Bap

Eggs are a great source of protein for kids that are growing. This works well in a lunchbox with some cherry tomatoes and a fruit snack pot.

Place the egg in a small saucepan covered with water, bring to the boil and cook for 10 minutes. Plunge in cold water and leave to cool.

Remove shell and mash the egg with the mayonnaise and pepper. Use to fill the bap, topping with the lettuce.

Hummus and Salad Wrap

Spread the hummus over the wrap, then sprinkle on the carrot and lettuce.

Fold opposite edges of the wrap, to keep the filling in, then roll up and cut in half.

For the snack, pop the frozen fruit in a small pot and it will thaw by lunchtime. The kids will love mixing and swirling their yogurt into it.

Salmon and Salad Bagel

Bagels are popular with kids so this is a good way to introduce some fish into your child's lunchbox. This would work well with a handful of grapes and a plain rice cake.

Cut the bagel in half, toast and leave to cool. Drain the salmon and remove the bones. Mix with the mayonnaise and pepper.

Spread the mixture on one half of the bagel, add the cucumber and lettuce and then top with the other half of the bagel.

Soft cheese and Salad Sandwich

A quick and easy sandwich to provide some dairy in your child's lunchbox. This would work well with an apple and a fruit teacake.

Spread both slices of bread with the cheese.

Pat the salad dry and use to fill the sandwich, sprinkling with pepper or paprika if using.

Spicy chicken and Salad Wrap

Wraps are a popular alternative to sandwiches. Complete your child's lunchbox with some homemade popcorn and fresh fruit.

Mix the yogurt and spices to taste and add the chicken. Spread the chicken mixture on the wrap, then sprinkle on the lettuce, cucumber and pepper.

Fold opposite edges of the wrap, to keep the filling in, then roll up and cut in half.

Tuna and Bean Salad

This colourful salad is a good way to include fish in your child's lunchbox. This would work well with a slice of malt loaf and a satsuma.

Mix the oil, lemon juice, mixed herbs, mustard powder and black pepper. Add to the salad vegetables, beans and tuna and mix gently.

Serve with the bread and lower-fat spread.

Tuna mayonnaise and Sweetcorn Sandwich

The mild flavour of tinned tuna combined with sweetcorn. This would work well with sticks of carrot or cucumber and some mixed berries.

Mix the tuna with the mayonnaise, sweetcorn and pepper.

Sandwich the mixture between the slices of bread.

Source: Better Health Healthier Families 

Lunchbox Essentials

LunchBoxes Tips

Planning your Lunchboxes is an important part of being a good cook and prep parent. Keep these foods in the fridge, prepared for when you prepare their lunchbox that morning!

Here are some foods that you can store, prepared, in the fridge:


Apples, sliced and soaked in salted water for 5 mins. Drain and rinse the apple slices and store in an airtight container covered with a moist paper towel. Store for 2-3 days.


Carrot sticks, store in water (changing the water daily) or in wet paper towel or kitchen towel. Store around 5 days.


Celery sticks, store wrapped tightly in aluminium foil. Stores for 1-2 weeks.


Cheese, diced or sliced. Stack together and wrap in clingfilm and then zip-lock bag. It is important no air gets to the cheese or it will harden. As per use by dates.


Corn Cobs, cooked, drained and stored in an airtight container. Store for 3-4 days.


Cucumbers, cut into sticks or sliced covered in water or a soaked paper towel can be stored in an airtight container for up to one week.


Hard Boiled Eggs. Store unpeeled in a container for up to 5 days (eggs must be cooked and eaten within use by dates).


Pasta, plain and cooked stored in airtight containers lasts for around 3 days. Cover with a damp paper towel to stop the pasta from getting hard. You can rinse under cold water to freshen up before popping in the lunchbox.

Happy lunching!